New York Athletic Club

The New York Athletic Club is one of the oldest athletic clubs in America and the most successful athletic clubs in the world. NYAC athletes have been in every Olympic games from 1896 to the present, winning 232 Olympic medals including 120 gold. In fact if the NYAC was a country it would be ranked #13 in medals won at the summer games, ahead of Canada and Russia. The Club continues to provide great support in over a dozen sports. 41 NYAC members competed in Beijing in 2008, winning 17 medals. NYAC Website

Mizuno Sports

Founded in 1906 and family managed ever since, MIZUNO remains the top and most progressive brand for martial arts in the world today. It creates and designs its products with precision, persistence, and technology in mind. No company rivals Mizuno in its ability to design and produce judo related products. Kayla Harrison joins other icons such as Jimmy Pedro, Carl Lewis, Nick Faldo, Kosei Inoue, Toshihiko Koga, and many more who reached the pinnacle of their sports with Mizuno equipment. Mizuno is a keen supporter of the Olympic movement. Mizuno Website

Hatashita Sports

Exclusive Distributor of Mizuno and Fuji martial arts products. Renown for its customer service and offering high quality products for over 50 years. Hatashita Sports Website